Early Career Investigators from COST Inclusiveness Target Countries can apply for the conference grant to support their active participation at international conferences.

Inclusiveness Target Countries are: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, fYR Macedonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey.

They are no regular calls for conference grants, if you are interested in the support please contact the Action Chair Lenka Slavíková 


Past Conference Grants

Attended: FloodRisk2021 (22 – 24 June, virtually)

Presenting: within the paned of the LAND4FLOOD special session: Coping with the challenges of using private land for flood water storage


Attended: International conference ECOLOGY & SAFETY in Burgas, Bulgaria (26 – 29 August 2020)

Presenting: The Importance of Participatory Governance for Riparian Zone: A Case Study of Gediz River (abstract here)



Attended: 10th IALE (International Association of Landscape Ecology) World Congress in Milano, Italy (1 – 5 July 2019)

Presenting: Green infrastructure planning for reduction of flood risks and improvement of ecosystem viability within lowland river landscapes in Latvia and Lithuania (abstract here)


Attended: LuWQ2019: Conference on Land Use and Water Quality in Aarhus, Denmark (2 – 6 June 2019)

Presenting: Importance of riparian habitats lining small streams to improve the soil water retention capacity of agricultural landscape (abstract here)


AttendedGlobal Symposium on Soil Erosion in Rome, Italy (15 – 17 May 2019)

Presenting: Policy framework on soil erosion and land degradation from the post conflict perspective of Bosnia and Herzegovina (contribution here)


AttendedEGU General Assembly 2019 in Vienna, Austria (7-12 April 2019)

Presenting: Polders as nature-based solution for flood risk management: the case of Poland (abstract here)

Status quo of the Danube basin countries’ flood and ice forecasting systems and methodologies (abstract here)

Sediment dynamics in a small peri-urban catchment (abstract here)


Attended7th International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geoinformation of Environment on Paphos, Cyprus (18-21 March 2019)

Presenting: Endemic Forests in Danger: Land Use Shifts and Accompanying Impacts Upon the Natural Flood Storage Capacity Along the North Bulgarian Black Sea Coast (abstract here)


AttendedAnnual PLPR conference in College Station, Texas (USA)

Presenting: Property rights in flood protection: Experimental design of upstream/downstream negotiations (abstract here) & Flood prevention in Serbia (abstract here)


Attended: 1st Global Land Degradation Neutrality Forum in Seoul, Republic of Korea (4-5 July 2018)

Presenting:  Land Degradation Neutrality in Post-conflict Environment – Experience from Bosnia and Herzegovina


Attended: Annual PLPR conference in Novi Sad

Presenting:  Narrating planning challenges for flood risk management resulting from migration: the Czech case (available here).

Attended: Terra ENVISION in Barcelona (29th January – 1st February 2018)

Presenting:  Reducing peri-urban flood hazard using a holistic catchment approach to reduce hydrological connectivity                                      (available here) & Grey and green infrastructure used for flood retention in western Romania(available here).