Did you miss our final conference Towards Spatial Flood Risk Management? Watch the edited video from the event (13 min).

The COST Action ended successfully in March 2022. To continue networking activities it has been turned into new a IWRA Task Force, LAND4FLOOD. For more information click here. If you are interested in joining the Task Force,  send your CV and motivation to the  office@iwra.org with the subject line: LAND4FLOOD Task Force.


Read LAND4FLOOD web story published on COST office web page HERE.


Watch the LAND4FLOOD video with interviews! Why is it important to address land management together with flood risk management? What is the value added of the COST Action in this matter? Why is LAND4FLOOD special?

Watch also our second Riga meeting video!


The Academy for Territorial Development in the Leibniz Association released the news concerning the recent development within the COST Action. Read it here.


On 20 September, IWRA in close cooperation with LAND4FLOOD broadcasted high featured policy brief roundtable: Taking Land Seriously in Spacial Flood Risk Management. Four guest speakers – Håkan Tropp, Gabriel Eckstein, Alice Budniok, Jan Kruijshoop – gave feedback on LAND4FLOOD effort to get landowners on board for natural flood retention. Learn more here.


Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) are integral part of LAND4FLOOD COST Action. We have supported more than 20 by now. See details here or watch the video of participants sharing their experiences.




Watch LAND4FLOOD video on Working with stakeholders in flood risk management: Who, how and why?





IWRA Update (September 2018) briefly informed about LAND4FLOOD Riga meeting Towards an Interdisciplinary Understanding of (Private) Land for Flood Risk Management.



Dr. Antje Bornschein (TU Dresden, Germany) published short press release about our meeting in Riga in June 2018. The press release was published in Korrespondenz Wasserwirtschaft (German Journal of Water Management).



IWRA organised a webinar on “How Private Land Matters in Flood Risk Management” jointly with the LAND4FLOOD COST Action.  This webinar built on the IWRA’s Policy Brief authored by Professors Hartmann and Slavikova on How Private Land Matters in Flood Risk Management  produced in close collaboration with this same European initiative.  The event was live streamed from the EU COST Action LAND4FLOOD workshop “Towards an Interdisciplinary Understanding of (Private) Land for Flood Risk Management” from Riga, Latvia 19-21 June 2018) devoted to understanding the relationship of land and water.

For more information and the video from the webinar see IWRA webpage.