Title: Land Policy for Flood Risk Management—Toward a New Working Paradigm


Flood risk management (FRM) aims to integrate necessary technical measures with environmental and societal approaches. Focusing on the process and governance of how to plan, implement, and maintain solutions therefore becomes essential. Among the different stakeholders, landowners are a key group to be considered. This contribution elaborates on the interconnections between land policy, FRM and private land ownership. It is based on the European COST Action network LAND4FLOOD, which brings together academics and stakeholders from various disciplines and more than 35 countries. We argue for a less project oriented and more process oriented approach, a focus on land management and more emphasis on small-scale measures. This represents a break with some of the recent working paradigms of FRM.

Full citation: Potocki, K., Hartmann, T., Slavikova, L., Collentine, D., Veidemane, K., Raska, P., Barstad, J., Evans, R. (2022). Land Policy for Flood Risk Management—Toward a New Working Paradigm. Earth´s Future, 10, e2021EF002491.

Full text available here.