Current Call

All researchers from LAND4FLOOD participating countries can apply for the Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM) abroad. Calls for these missions will be regularly published.

Next call will be open in March 2019!

If you are interested in a STSM, please contact our coordinator Barbara Warner


Accomplished STSMs

David Ch. Finger (Iceland) visited colleagues in Slovenia to investigate the perception of local farmers of adhering to a sustainable land management in order to increase the flood retention on their lands. Together with Vesna Zupanc he planned survey with farmers to produce comparative data sets from Iceland, Slovenia, Serbia and Bosna and Herzegovina.

Preliminary results from the survey will be presented at the South-European LAND4FLOOD workshop. Joint comparative paper is in preparation. 


Jan Macháč (Czech Republic) spent one month at the Wageningen university (the Netherlands) developing the experimental approach to flood protection using negotiation between upstream and downstream actors. The preliminary design of the experiment was supervised by Thomas Hartmann.

Output: Abstract for the international conference Empowering Hydro-diplomacy (Hague, October 2018) was submitted based on the literature review and the experiment desing undertaken during the STSM

Aleksa Lipovac (Serbia) visited the Reykjavik University (Iceland) to continue in the research on natural water retention measure potential started by Alexandra. He cooperated with David C. Finger and Guðmundur Halldórsson, member of The Soil Conservation Service of Iceland.

Output: Paper on  Flood Retention on Private Land in Iceland will be presented at EGU 2018 in Vienna

Alexandra Figurek (Bosna and Herzegovina) visited the Reykjavik University (Iceland). Together with David C. Finger she worked on the topic Stakeholder Involvement in Implementing Flood Protection Measures on Private Lands. She contributed to the stakeholder analysis focused on the acceptance of natural water retention measures in Iceland.

Output: Paper on  Flood Retention on Private Land in Iceland will be presented at EGU 2018 in Vienna