Title: Multidimensional resilience – flood recovery on private land

Abstract: Flood damages are increasing and thus flood resilience is gaining importance. Various definitions of resilience and the identification of different resilience dimensions have been the focus of past research, but there is a lack of understanding how these dimensions systemically interrelate. Using an exploratory research design, this study examines multidimensional resilience in the context of flood recovery on private land. The results show that physical, social and financial resilience dimensions are part of the recovery process. The dimensions can have conflicting impacts on each other, meaning that a trade-off has to take place between two dimensions. Further, dependencies have been detected, the increase of one resilience dimension depends on others. In the case study there are also projects being implemented that create synergies between different resilience dimensions. This requires coordination between the involved stakeholders. Only limited attention has been put on the interrelations between different resilience dimensions, increased coordination is therefore necessary. Applying a multidimensional resilience understanding allows the inclusion of different perspectives, which helps to reach an understanding on flood resilience of a whole system.

Full citation: Junger L., Davids P., Stöglehner G. & Hartmann T. (2023). Multidimensional resilience – flood recovery on private land. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, Volume 96. 103993.

Full text available here.