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Paper: Short-Term Impact of Tillage on Soil and the Hydrological Response within a Fig (Ficus Carica) Orchard in Croatia

Title: Short-Term of Tillage on Soil and the Hydrological Response within a Fig (Ficus Carica) Orchard in Croatia Abstract Tillage is well known to have impacts on soil properties and hydrological responses. This work aims to study the short-term impacts of tillage (0–3 months) on soil and hydrological responses in fig orchards located in Croatia. […]

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Paper: River flooding risk prevention: A cooperative game theory approach

Title: River flooding risk prevention: A cooperative game theory approach Abstract Socio-economic development combined with changing hydrological factors represents a challenge for extending flood protection. In particular, land owners should be encouraged to use their land in a way that improves its water retention capacity. However, problems of fairness may arise because a landowner can benefit […]

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VIDEO: Natural retention on private land in Nepal

An achievement of the Czech funded side-project focused on flood risk management in Nepal. The overall Land4Flood project aims to improve the organization of natural flood retention measures using systemic approach, including nature-based, technical, organizational and socioeconomic aspects of flood risk management at private land. The side-project in Nepal aims at building a communication platform […]

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Training school: Agreements and negotiations in upstream-downstream relation (flood game)

3 Novemeber 2020 The virtual training event brought together 17 people from eight countries to: a) learn about flood games and experiments, b) play pilot version of the role-board game focused on conflicts between upstream and downstream communities. The flood game shows how one player’s decision can impact other cities in the catchment. The main […]

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Michal in Brno (24 – 31 August 2020)

Michal Pástor (Slovakia) visited Global Change Research Institute CAS in Brno, Czechia. Together with Jiri Jakubinsky they worked on the synthesis of the current knowledge to characterize the status of floodplain ecosystems, their main stressors and management responses across Europe. The output of the STSM will be join paper titled: Floodplain management as a tool […]

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Virtual Training Course and Workshop

23 September 2020 Instead of face-to-face training and workshop in Ljubljana (Slovenia), virtual even titled Technical aspects of Nature-Based Solutions allocation took place. 14 experts from nine countries exchanged knowledge on technical issues and stakeholder views on nature based solution implementation. Find detailed program and all the presentation here.  

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