LAND4FLOOD calls and up-dates

Zuzana in Warsaw (28 October – 15 November 2019)

Zuzana Németová (Slovakia) cooperated with Prof. Kazimierz Banasik from the Department of Water Engineering of Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Poland). The mission aimed at the modeling of soil water erosion – in particular the application of a physically-based Erosion-3D model in the new territory situated in the central Poland. The cooperation further continues and aims […]

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Workshop Report: Delivering Nature-Based Solutions

The co-organised event brought together experts from around the world to discuss the challenges and opportunities of funding, designing, implementing, maintaining and monitoring the effectiveness of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) as part of flood risk management plans. Its goal was to facilitate the knowledge exchange between international researchers, practitioners and policymakers. Read the Workshop Report for more information!

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LAND4FLOOD leaflet

Do you need the general idea what is the LAND4FLOOD COST Action about? Do you need to share a brief and simple message to stakeholders? Read and (if useful also translate) our leaflet. So, far following language versions exist: ALBANIAN BULGARIAN SLOVAKIAN SLOVENIAN

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Workshop report: Strategies for achieving flood resilience

The three-day LAND4FLOOD PhD-Workshop on “Innovative and successfully implemented strategies for achieving resilience in Flood Risk Management with a special focus on private and public property flood resilience” from Monday 9th September to Wednesday, 11th September 2019 was conducted by the Department of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Management, under the management of Prof Dr Robert […]

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Book: Nature-based Flood Risk Management on Private Land

Our first Open Access book was published by Springer. Download it here Content: Nature-based solutions (NBS) in Flood Risk Management require more—and mostly privately owned—land, and more diverse stakeholder involvement than traditional (grey) engineering approaches. This also implies that there are challenges related to different disciplines. Flood risk management with NBS is an issue not only […]

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Karin in London (7 January – 18 March 2019)

Karin Snel (The Netherlands) spent more than two month at Flood Hazard Research Centre of the Middlesex University in London, working with Sally Priest. She focused on the instruments and communication needs for encouraging the uptake of individual risk resilience measures. The intended research considered the English socio-political context and instruments, and their use for […]

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