LAND4FLOOD calls and up-dates

Regional stakeholder workshop in Salzburg

15th – 16th October 2018 Lukas Löschner (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna) and Arthur Schindelegger (Vienna University of Technology) organized a two-day regional workshop with international experts on the theme of Compensation mechanisms for flood storage in the province of Salzburg. By the example of two flood protection sites in Altenmarkt im Pongau and Mittersill, the […]

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IWRA Webinar – N°15 broadcasted from LAND4FLOOD meeting in Riga

IWRA organised a webinar on “How Private Land Matters in Flood Risk Management” jointly with the LAND4FLOOD COST Action.  This webinar built on the IWRA’s Policy Brief authored by Professors Hartmann and Slavikova on How Private Land Matters in Flood Risk Management  produced in close collaboration with this same European initiative.  The event was live streamed from the EU COST […]

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Jan in Wageningen

1st – 31st August 2018 Jan Macháč (Czech Republic) spent one month at the Wageningen university (the Netherlands) developing the experimental approach to flood protection using negotiation between upstream and downstream actors. The preliminary design of the experiment was supervised by Thomas Hartmann. Output: Abstract for the international conference Empowering Hydro-diplomacy (Hague, October 2018) was […]

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What is COST Action LAND4FLOOD about?

Watch the LAND4FLOOD video with interviews! Why is it important to address land management together with flood risk management? What is the value added of the COST Action in this matter? Why is LAND4FLOOD special? Watch also our second Riga meeting video!

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2nd Action MC Meeting and Workshop – Riga

19th – 21st June 2018 more than 60 people from 34 COST member countries, Australia and United States attended second large LAND4FLOOD meeting in Riga (Latvia). We are happy that group is growing, cooperating and enjoying time altogether.  In Riga, we hosted three guest speakers: Todd S. Bridges (U. S. Army Corp of Engineers), Anita […]

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IWRA Policy Brief

LAND4FLOOD Policy Brief Developed at the Prague workshop has just been published by IWRA under 1/2018.   Title: How Private Land Matters in Flood Risk Management? (available here) Key policy messages to be shared around: • Flood water can be stored in the catchment, upstream of cities, or in the cities themselves. • In all three areas, […]

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