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Edinburg workshop Call for Participants

Join us to share, learn and advance science and engineering practices that support the use of naturebased solutions in managing flood risk! Workshop Delivering Nature-Based Solutions: Learning from international best practice will be organized on 16-17 May 2019 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Call for Contributions is open until 5th April!

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Workshop Report: NBS for flood retention in Southern Europe

Southern Mediterranean countries are exposed to increasing environmental challenges. Grey infrastructures have been used over the last decades to manage storm water and mitigate floods. Nature-based solutions (NBS), however, provide additional runoff storage/infiltration capacity relevant to address climate change impacts on future floods, while support other ecosystem services. The workshop aimed to facilitate knowledge exchange between […]

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Peter in Vienna

(28 January – 10 February 2019) Peter Davids (Belgium) spent two weeks at BOKU Vienna to collect data about the Austrian floodlabel institutional framework. This was done via interviews with flood risk experts with the support of Dr. Thomas Thaler. A floodlabel for houses is currently in development to encourage adaptive behavior of private homeowners. This […]

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Weronika in Ústí

(20 January – 14 February 2019) Weronika Warachowska (Poland) came to Ústí nad Labem in Czechia to work on the join research paper on relations between flood risk perception and individual flood mitigation measures undertaken. Her goal was to analyze survey data from two Czech flood prone municipalities. She was supported by Assoc. Profs. Pavel […]

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Laszlo in Vienna

7 January – 2 February 2019 Laszlo van der Wal (The Netherlands) with the support of Dr. Lukas Löschner (BOKU Vienna) investigated the degradation of existing hydraulic infrastructures and the dynamics of their renovation or replacement  at Vienna’s Donau (Danube river). The understanding of how (hydraulic) infrastructures interact with geology, socio-cultural or institutional aspects is […]

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IWRA Policy Brief 3/2019

Title: Compensation for Flood Storage Key policy messages:  – Vulnerable downstream areas benefit from upstream flood retention services. – Flood storage is land intensive. It often infringes on private land use rights. – Compensating for flood storage requires mechanisms that link those who provide flood retention services and those who benefit from them. Language mutations: PORTUGUESE […]

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