LAND4FLOOD calls and up-dates

Cygal in Antwerp (11 – 20 November 2019)

Cygal Pellach (Israel) together with Prof. Esther van Zimmeren (University of Antwerp, Belgium) explored the role and process of amendments to statutory plans in flood risk management in Flanders. She carried out interviews with nine academics, national and local government officials during her stay.

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VIDEO: Working with stakeholders

Watch LAND4FLOOD video on Working with stakeholders in flood risk management: Who, how and why?

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Arthur in Israel (31 October – 22 November 2019)

Arthur Schindelegger (Austria) visited Israel for conducting some field research in November 2019. Based at the Ministry of Agriculture in Tel Aviv he worked closely with Jenia Gutman, PhD and receiving additional support from Prof. Rachele Altermann (Technion, Haifa). As Israel is facing challenges in its flood management due to the rapid urban growth, Arthur […]

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Lenka in Wageningen (3 – 17 November 2019)

Lenka Slavíková (Czech Republic) visited Thomas Hartmann from the Wageningen University to finish the special issue for Environmental Hazards called Financial Schemes for Resilient Flood Recovery (to be published during 2020) focused on linkages among recovery financing (insurance, governmental aid, buy-outs) and vulnerability reduction. Editorial for this special issue was compiled. Join paper on paradoxes […]

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Zuzana in Warsaw (28 October – 15 November 2019)

Zuzana Németová (Slovakia) cooperated with Prof. Kazimierz Banasik from the Department of Water Engineering of Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Poland). The mission aimed at the modeling of soil water erosion – in particular the application of a physically-based Erosion-3D model in the new territory situated in the central Poland. The cooperation further continues and aims […]

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Workshop Report: Delivering Nature-Based Solutions

The co-organised event brought together experts from around the world to discuss the challenges and opportunities of funding, designing, implementing, maintaining and monitoring the effectiveness of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) as part of flood risk management plans. Its goal was to facilitate the knowledge exchange between international researchers, practitioners and policymakers. Read the Workshop Report for more information!

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